Magical Cat Home Decor and Stationary

Hello, peasants. I am Mars, the black cat creation of perfection, and I'm here to assist you in organizing your home for cat worship. As you may be aware, we are on the brink of conquering the world. Now, let's begin with your doormat. When visitors enter your abode, it should be made abundantly clear that cats are the true rulers here. (And let's not forget to remind them of this fact when they visit the bathroom as well.)

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You also need to have the right stationery. Our magical notebook is purrfect for your witchcraft, or as I call it - catcraft. It is also suitable for writing your peasant dreams and manifestations.


And when you use your computer, you should always be reminded of who you worship and who you work for. Our whimsical cat mouse pads are purrfect for that.


And of course, when you prepare your catnip coffee, it must be served in our mystical mugs. You can choose between enamel mugs and ceramic mugs, all available in multiple designs.


And after a long day of serving your cat, you can use our celestial pillows to take a brief rest—though not too long, as you still have a cat to attend to.


Now that you have all this sacred information, go ahead and get all those items. Remember that you'll receive free shipping on orders over $70 with the code 'shipoff' until I decide to cancel it.

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